Why does a single day qualify for Valentine’s day ?


I always wanted to write for so long but wasn’t quiet sure of the niche I’d like to dwell on. It isn’t like I have any clue about the same right now. Like you know life is all about trying to figure out our own true purposes and we are allowed some fair share of mistakes.

 Since it is Valentines Day, gives me a good reason to write about the most overrated day of the year. As much as I love being in love, do I hate to have to celebrate love with my partner once in a year. I mean why on earth would someone come up with something like Valentines Day, where as, love is supposed to be stretched out throughout the year doing those small and meaningful things for one another.  All that I see around myself and feel that the V day creates so much pressure on the couples in a very materialistic way.  As per the norm, today is all about making the other half feel special in a manner which, to me, only seems like a warfare between the lovers, competiting on trivial matters like “Who got the better gift?” or “Whose gift was more expensive?” Not to forget the general uselessness of these gifts in the future. I AM SO STOKED ! This is no way of making me feel special at least and I’m sure so many of you will agree with me !

Why are we so devoid of simplicity these days ? If at all we do feel the need to celebrate love for one day in our “oh so busy lives”, why don’t we indulge in cooking meals together, and have a celebration with all our loved ones which I believe includes our parents , children and friends, oops lovers too. Why does only our lovers qualify to be the sole subject matter of this one day filled with so much mushiness? and Why does a single day qualify for Valentines Day ?

Lets make love everyday.

While you all wonder and ponder over that, I shall tell y’all how peaceful  my day  was sitting next to the lake today , surrounded by flowers, in  my jacket perfectly teamed up with a silk scarf . Under my jacket I’m wearing a grey halter top and below, my all time fave black zara leggings, which apparently are a lifesaver for days that I’m bloated as hell or on my period or feeling fat, so basically these help me bring my sexy back, sure can help you too ! Lastly, my shoes without which my killer look would have been rather incomplete.


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