Ah, Life is One Big Experiment!

Can’t even decide which picture to Instagram , so you can imagine my crisis!

Every time I meet someone these days , they ask me what do I do or what is my passion really and all that I can come is “ah life is one big experiment so I’m still figuring out”. Trust me I don’t mean to sound fancy or like one or those spiritual gurus. But honestly speaking life is really a very big experiment.

I mean I’m 25 and I still don’t know what do I want to do or whom do I want to be like or where do I see myself in the next ten years. I just don’t know ! I pick doing one thing and before it’s even finished, my mind jumps to the next possible thing which I might be slightly decent at doing. This continuous jumping from one pole to the other leaves  exhausted in the whirlwind of thoughts which I can’t even begin to explain to you right now. By the end of it , I’m still left confused , seeking for answers desperately.

And every time I talk to my mum about this one issue gnawing me to the core , all that she comes up with is “it’s all about figuring it out darling , no one ever said that finding your life’s true purpose is going to be easy ” and yes I do stay with my mom and how is that even a bad thing ? I love that woman and the perk of getting coffee in bed every morning.

Anyhow , so life being an experiment, it definitely is and I’m sure 90% of the population who walks around pretending that they have it all figured out are just faking it. No one knows what their purpose is on earth actually or why were they even born in the first place.

Everyone is just fighting a battle within themselves to find out , the best part being “at least we are trying to figure out” and as for the rest, they are either too lazy or are content or ignorant , either ways are in a state of bliss. Though I really hope that we all find what our true purpose in life is someday ! Till then let’s keep experimenting and try to figure it out !

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      1. oh baby, your eyes make me never want to look away, fro i find myself, swooning to those hazel, ocean like eyes, for you my love are beautiful. oh tell me your name, and hold my hand love, and oh never let go, so later when you’d fly to your home, oh i could get a glimpse of it, for love, it’s home for you, but paradise for all, but only if i knew, love. all this was but a dream, for i was still lost in your eyes, for my love, you’re beautiful, just the way you’re.

        so i wrote this for you, beautiful! you’re lovely. i can write more, but i don’t think you’d like it 🙂


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