From Left to Right : Confession, Fever and Domination

FRENCH CONNECTION : When two creative worlds collide, a masterpiece collection is guaranteed. Balmain x Loreal is a lipstick collection created to empower women and Balmain’s Creative Director Oliver Rousteing when asked about his new lipstick creation in collaboration with Loreal said, “When a woman applies this lipstick. I want her to feel the same wa she would in a Balmain Dress; confident, powerful and fearless. This is a special type of sensuality and glamour that comes from fearlessness. I want that woman to feel like she can break barriers and boundaries.”

My favourite shades out of the collection are as shown in the picture and described below:

  1. Confession : 246 ( Nude Pink )
  2. Fever : 469 ( Orange )
  3. Domination : 355 ( True Blue Red )
  • Even though these are Riche Matte Lipsticks, yet the texture is amazingly smooth ad moist, that is to say that the formula does not dry your lips.
  • The colour is highly pigmented and stays for about 6-7 hours without re-application.
  • The packaging is the coolest part of the collection, partly a reason why I bought it because who doesn’t want a lipstick with Balmain written on it. The lipstick cases resemble marble but are made of plastic and are light weight.
  • The lipstick shades compliments all skin tones, at least that’s what the entire idea behind creating these lipsticks was in the first place.

Each is priced at Rs. 1050.

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