Fixation for Plaid since childhood

IMG_2696.JPGPlaid for meย  has a feel of nostalgia affixed to it. As a kid my mom used to make me wear plaid skirts with crisp white peter pan collar tops so every time I look at any thing plaid those lovely childhood memories start rushing in.

On a fine sunday morning mom and I decided to go to the mall, our favourite place so far in the city and the store we first entered had to be Zara . I don’t remember clearly though but there was a sale that day and i was pretty stoked about it for obvious reasons. The only bad part about loving zara is that they never make members of their customers nor do they send you alerts about any upcoming sales or offer. So it is always like winning a lottery when you enter the mall and you are “ha must be a lucky day, zara has a sale on”

While frisking through the clothes frantically I came across a PLAID DRESS which was partly cute, partly sexy and over all very english. I showed it to mom and she loved it instantly. As luck would have it , my size was available and it was on sale as well. So we got it.

I have worn it twice till now , once with opaque black tights , red stole and Hush Puppies Loafers . The plaid dress has got a slight feel of flannel to it so one can wear it in winters.

The second time I wore it i let go of the stole since it was not as cold and instead of opaque tights , this time I teamed it with sheer Marks and Spencers ones and also my favourite pair of Hush puppies Black boots.

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