My Paisley Jumpsuit

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We happened to go for a family dinner to Nando’s a few days back. Once I was done deciding  the venue, what to wear was the next big question. As it’s spring time , I wanted to pick sometime colourful and lightweight unlike all the clothes I’ve been wearing for the past months due to winters.

While frisking through my cupboard, which let me tell you is in impeccable shape for anyone as clumsy as me , so my eyes locked onto an orangish rust jumpsuit hanging in the extreme left corner. I bought that jumpsuit in my second year of college (around 5 years ago) from one of the coolest fairs in my city by the name “Vanity Fair”, which now feels like a human stampede in the name of fashion. At that time I was stick thin and probably looked malnourished, surprisingly the jumpsuit still fits me fine.

I miss the malnourished me though (2013)

To me back then the jumpsuit felt like a piece of art and the moment I laid my eyes on it , I knew it was mine because firstly it was not like all the other monochrome jumpsuits in the market and it was not even a basic colour like black or red or navy blue. It was orange like the Indian summer and paisley being one of my favourite print patterns, I had to buy it. Even if framing the jumpsuit was the only way to utilise it, then be it.

 During the family dinner, it was the second time that I wore it in so many years.  First was obviously a few days after I purchased it. The problem with me not wearing half my best clothes is in an attempt to save them for the right occasions like a lunch party, or dinner date which never happen. And even if it does , I end up wearing clothes that I am the most comfortable in or in which I look the thinnest in.

But now I don’t think that way. I wear whatever I feel like on any given day as per my mood irrespective of the occasion because nothing should come in-between me and my love for dressing up even if that means looking overdressed for the rest of my life.

Who knew I’d end up matching the food we ordered !

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