Red Chantilly Lace Shift Dress



When I first bought this dress , I was upset about the fact that it was a shift dress because at that time I was more into body hugging dresses which depicted my figure just right. It being a shift dress meant it was loose all over and didn’t hug me at all. On the flip side my mom was thrilled about it because all she ever wants for me to is wear lose clothes as according to her showing off your body is not cool at all.

The ethereal lace and the colour were the only captivating features of the dress and so I got it. It’s one from forever 21. Goes back to the times when forever 21 was still the rage and there weren’t enough stores and I would always had to plan a trip to Delhi to get my hands on forever 21 and now thankfully they have opened up a store in my Chandi-town as well where I barely make it a point to go. As we all know the charm to a certain thing/person is till the time we are chasing it. So well that’s that.

I wore the dress to my friend’s birthday party only because I wanted to show some leg and wear a dress as it’s spring time and in winters I really never opt wearing dresses. I tried on a couple of my dresses , most of them being bodycons. Now since I’ve gained weight on all the wrong areas so it was obvious that those bodycons would have looked horrendous on me and then it occurred to me why not try this red lace shift dress which looked forever lose on me.

To my surprise when I wore it ( this was when I was trying outfits for the parties in the night just to be sure of what to wear ) , the dress covered all the areas I wanted to hide and showed the ones I wanted to flaunt causing a win-win moment for me. I paired the dress with a set of brown pumps and the heels enhanced my height making me look taller and slimmer. Then I added a pair of long earrings as well. With that I was done compiling my look.

In the evening when I finally wore the dress and other stuff and made my way to the party. Not once throughout the party was I forced to tweak my dress from the mid-section. It was free-flowing , lose and comfortable as hell. What more could someone who hates exercising and loves eating ask for ?

So that’s an ode to the dress which saved my life !


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