The Bag and Shoes that saved me

Match Made in Heaven


The other day I had weekend drinking plans with my girlfriends which had formed about a week-long discussion and tbh that tires me to the core. But the moment I see them and go back home lit enough to just pass out is the best feeling ever. Therefore, you see the fights and the cajoling in the beginning is all worth it.

This time when we planned to meet , it was a summer day in May wherein I thought wearing my white zara jeans would be a super idea because summer = whites and as luck would have it I had lost a little weight too because of this protein shake that I’m drinking which I’m going to write about soon because that shit is just out of the world. Anyhow, so I had lost weight and my 26 inch jeans were fitting me snug and sexy. I paired them with a stripped grey zara top which was a safe combo, one that I have combined a million times already. So obviously it turned out to turn heads when I went out.

Once I was done pairing the two together i realised that the outfit looked drab and without an element of fun which didn’t feel pleasing at all. So as my genius brain would have it , I decided to add another gem from Zara , a quilted bag , about which I should seriously dedicate another blog post because that bag is a perfect blend of chic and classy and so much cooooool. God adding just that bag changed my entire look from blah to boom.

Moving on, the next big question was shoes. I don’t understand why but my friends love to make me walk pavements while deciding where to finally let our asses down. As the general norm we’d go to one place , disagree on everything about that place and move to another and then deliberate on where to go while walking from one end to the other in scorching  heat ( if you know how indian summers are) so keeping in mind all that while deciding what to wear  on my feet was very important. Like I predicted, that’s exactly what we did this time too. So obviously, choosing the right footwear to walk , run and deliberate in does play an important role in my daily life but especially when I’m out with my girls because we are just a bunch of clueless women. First, I decided on wearing open sandals for that day considering the heat of the moment but upon serious mental work I thought of going for some sort of sporty looking shoes because my get up looked pretty sporty, I felt like Kendell Jenner for a bit. I ran upstairs to check if I had any , but to my dismay, I only had black or magenta sneakers which would just ruin my outfit by taking all the attention , while at it I made a mental plan of buying a pair of grey sneakers. Considering how sharp my brain is , at that very moment I got reminded about mum’s skechers shoes and so off I went to her  room with a smirk on my face and she agreed to lending me her shoes. I’ve a history of breaking all my moms shoes and so if she wants to get rid of some pair and isn’t able to terminate its life on her own , I’m the one to her rescue always. But this pair was brand new and I had to be extra careful.

Well now that I found the missing piece of the puzzle , it all made sense.

That’s how I completed my look the other day and later irritated by friends into taking my pictures.

I really need a professional photographer now.

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