Concerns that concern Mindy , concerns us all.

Two days ago I finished reading Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?  , a humourous autobiography by Mindy Kaling . Even though I bought this book almost a year ago, still wondering why I’d keep it away from me for so long? A crazy memoir which makes you stop at instances to only look back and reminisce as to how similar is your life to Mindy’s. We all go through the same effing things during school, college, first job and so on.

The book is divided in seven part , all discussing the life and experiences of Mindy.

Things I learnt from this book, I hope you want to learn them too;

1. IT IS OKAY TO BE CHUBBY & NOT BEING A PART OF COOL GROUPS : Mindy is funny , witty , cheerful and your best friend. She isn’t afraid to accept that she had body image issues all throughout her childhood and that she had been bullied for her chubbiness as a kid or her not being able to fit into groups while at school and staying in denial for a very long time only to realise that she needed just one friend, in space of whom she could be herself rather having to be a part of group and live in the pretence of cool. Some problems that we have all faced during our younger days, at least I have. Problems then, jokes now !

2. IT IS OKAY TO BE JOBLESS STRAIGHT OUT OF COLLEGE : Moving ahead the book talks about her moving to New York to land herself a dream job as a screen/staff writer. She was jobless for two years  straight out of college and in an expensive city where she has taken up various jobs, one being baby sitting. So for people who keep complaining about not having good jobs immediately after college , learn. Best time to bring to your notice that she was an Ivy League Graduate passed out from Dartmouth. She left college , took a chance and moved to a new city , stayed in a cramped accommodation with her two friends and believed that “writing about her struggles was fun, besides, who wants to read about success, successful serial murderers, maybe.” Isn’t she the coolest?

3. IT IS OKAY TO TAKE A CHANCE/CHANCES : While looking for jobs and struggling to pay the rent , Mindy and her friend wrote a sketch called Matt and Ben based on the friendship of Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. It was an instant hit and they played it at quite a few events , as well as landed themselves into various International Festivals and got some stellar reviews from The New Yorker and New York Times.

4. IT IS OKAY TO DISBELIEF ROM-COMS : Then she talks about all the weird things she saw in Hollywood which are quite far from reality especially the cliché portrayed of women in romantic comedies. So don’t believe what you see , that sassy best friend in most of these movies doesn’t exist.

5. IT IS OKAY TO NOT KNOW PROFESSIONALISM IN YOUR FIRST JOB, YOU’RE NOT GOD : Finally she lands herself a job onto The Office. It wasn’t easy to work there and she had her share of jitters while giving the interview, who doesn’t ? While working she had quite a few messy situations with her boss to an extent where she got fired. Only to later realise that she needed to fix her own attitude and get back to her boss and apologise, all thanks to her mom’s long conversations on the phone every single day. She realised professionalism is the key. Also, it is okay to talk to your mom everyday.

6. IT IS OKAY TO HATE ROAST: I thought I was the only one hating roasts , but no , Mindy hates them too and thinks roasts are terrible because they are “The self-proclaimed no-holds-barrels atmosphere reminds me of signs for strip clubs ‘We have crazy girls. They do anything.’ We don’t have to do everything”

“They are just physically uncomfortable.”

7. IT IS OKAY TO SIT ON YOUR BED AND WRITE WHILE YOUR ENTIRE ROOM IS UPSIDE DOWN:  To write you don’t necessarily need a study room. Your bed is just fine. No stereotypes please.

8. IT IS OKAY TO SHUN THE POPULAR VIEW : And my favourite part was where she discusses why the “best distraction in the world is boys.” I think they really are. The entirety of it i’ ll leave for you to find out. She has gone out and shunned the popular view on why one night stands and hooking up were not the sexiest thing on the planet , she had me agreeing on so many points with her, it was unbelievable.

And for Men who are reading , she has given a list of things you can do to be fantastic on pg. 163. You’re welcome.

9. IT IS OKAY TO WEAR WHATEVER YOU WANT TO, THE STYLISTS ARE NOT ALWAYS RIGHT : All the stylists that have worked with Mindy have tried to fit her in clothes that were horrible just because she wasn’t shaped like a Victoria Secrets’s Model. After various incidents of humiliation, she decided to put her foot down and choose whatever suited her best because most “photo shoots are bullshit”

Don’t worry I’m not going to write the entire book down here. I’ll leave some for you to read on your own too but promise me that you will? You can’t miss this goofy genius who’ll make you feel liberated  and feel okay about all the issues that other might have rubbed onto you. So it’s okay to be that chubby kid or that jobless graduate or anyone who finds themselves to be misfits. Concerns that concern Mindy , concerns us all.

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