Bottle Green Crepe Georgette Dress


I’m sure everyone on this planet is well acquainted with the Royal Wedding that took place last week. The same day my friends decided to meet up for a fashion show in one of the army clubs, which only sounds all chic but was downright boring.

Anyway so I had already spent my entire day partly watching , partly anticipating the Royal Wedding. It was not only the day Meghan said yes to Harry , but also the day when  Karnataka’s people said a yes to Congress. It being their election day. So while I had my eyes on who was wearing what at the Royal Wedding, my mother was rather keen on watching the election polls.

That led to my mom switching channels between BBC and NDTV because no matter what eventuality England is faced with, India comes first.

However , my persistence won her over and we stuck to BBC because missing out on  Kate Middelton, Amal Clooney, Kitty Spencer, Oprah, Priyanka Chopra and Victoria Beckham was too much to as for. That afternoon of ogling these women wearing envious custom-made dresses curated by the likes of Alexandra McQueen, Stella McCartney,  Vivienne Westwood, Dolce and Gabbana and so on made me want to wear something similar.

By similar I mean a skater dress from Topshop because I’m in no position to afford high couture.

I have had this Topshop dress for a while now, it is a mix of crepe and georgette, bottle green in colour and flared at the bottom. I paired it with Marks and Spencers sheer black tights alongside black patent leather bellies. I kept my make up really simple because going over the top make up wise makes me look like a clown always.


With that I was ready to rock and roll. By that I mean clicking tons of selfies for my Instagram page, which reminds me why aren’t you yet following me there?

 Just when I was about to leave. Guess what my mom said “the moment you turned around , you looked like Kate Middleton” to which I replied with a smirk “if only you could find me my William”

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