Kimono cause YOLO



The heading is super lame, but it just rhymes and that sounds perfectly fine. Oh this line rhymed too. I’m on a poetic spree it seems.

Well so , have you  guys seen “The Book Club” yet ? For those who have not , it is story about four friends who have a book club and read up a new book every once or twice a month. The movie revolves around the time when they start reading “Fifty Shades of Grey” and the penetrative effect it has on thier on thier life (pun intended). For the rest, you’ll have to go WATCH IT.

However, since I had a movie plan , i got a reason to dress up. Not like i need a reason, but having one helps save face. Deciding what to wear is a massive problem that im faced with every morning , afternoon or evening; basically depending on my time of going out. But such decisions are easy when I havn’t been waxed for a while so wearing a dress or a sleeveless anything was out of question, yet keeping the Indian summer in mind i had to decide something.

I picked a chiffon zara kimono, the one that i bought last year or i stole from my mum’s woardrobe over strips promod tank top  and underneath H&M trousers. Accessorized it with a grey Da Milano sling and Drish red flats. ( most the products I wore are sold out so tagging similar ones 🙂 ). The outfit turned out to be both breezy and summery, pretty weather apt and solved my purpose.

So a grey body with red toes?

Has to be a pigeon.

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