Scola Kitchen and Kaffe, Chandigarh

Interpretation of Butter Chicken served with Rotis and Curry
Cottage Cheese Steak
Churros with Chocolate Sauce & Vanilla Ice-cream

After enough pestering by my sister who was all praises for the Interpretation of Butter Chicken at Scola I had to go try it myself. A Westernized steak like appearance on a bed of spiced potatoes had been given to our favourite ever evolving Indian Dish served curry and rotis and because my friend accompanying me was a vegetarian, I had to finish all that by myself which was meant to be for two people, even though I don’t regret it one bit πŸ˜†.

My vegetarian friend ordered a Cottage Cheese Steak, served with bell peppers, mashed potatoes and rosa sauce; a bite of that did melt in mouth.

Β Also, Don’t forget to try the Churros , you’ll love themmmm 🍫 x πŸ’›Β Cinnamon Churros Cigars served with spiced chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream; writing about which is making my mouth water. Sigh! Until next time Scola.

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