A treatment that simplified my life

Before and After ( wearing the same kurta after long made me write this post)

I can’t begin to tell you all how hassle free my life has been ever since I got a smoothing treatment done. My hair has always been rough , dry and frizzy ; basically a hair type which needed a lot of hair care products to look decent. They are naturally waving and look pretty darn nice if styled properly but you can imagine the amount of time wasted on them each day before work especially when I’m running late which I’m all the time. They either looked nice straightened or blow dried and for someone who doesn’t know how to execute both these techniques properly can end up turning one’s hair into a  bunch of hay. Sometimes running out of patience and time I’d straightener on wet hair, ruining them further or blow drying in the wrong direction leaving them looking frizzier. No matter the amount of styling i did my efforts would go back to square one in an hour of doing all that especially in summers unless of course i got it done professionally which is not always feasible.

I had been contemplating the smoothing treatment for a while prior to finally getting it done thinking it would further cause hair damage and hair loss. The hair stylist at Salon had to really convince me by telling me things like that the products is not applied directly to the roots and scalp but one inch away and weighed all the pros versus cons till I finally agreed.

The Treatment : The process is quite lengthy and spans between two washes and two product application and finally ironing of hair when the final product is applied which one is supposed to keep for at least 24 hours during which you are not supposed to tie your hair and be careful as to not wriggle it . This entire process took 3-4 hours in the salon and the following day another hour. In total 48 hours.

Before ( a day prior to the treatment, see how dead and frizzy my hair look)
After ( two days after the treatment because it basically took 48 hours )

Immediate After thoughts : My hair looked frizz free, healthy and shiny , even though the bounce was a little less for my considerably big forehead by I was told it would come in a few days till the treatment settles in. I didn’t really have a lot of bounce with my old hair too so that was alright.

The bounce came back , not only that my hair was shinier and looked healthy. You won’t believe it my hair loss was less too and it was so easy to manage. I would wash my hair , flip them upside down and blow dry after applying a heat protectant from wella using  a ceramic brush for brushing because every other brush will only damage your hair , been there, done that, I use the one from Roots and I’d get ready in minutes, both looking neat and amazing with all that bounce in my hair which used to be a far cry with my previous wavy mane. This entire blow drying takes me about 5 minutes after wash and stays till I wash again, what more do you want from life?

Previously no matter how long I blow dried, it’d end up looking like this and tbh my hair wasnt easy to blow dry or straighten at all because stubborn mane just like me duh! And you have no idea about the number of YouTube tutorials I have seen till date for this one thing Ugh !!!! BUT NOW NO MORE

The products that were used for smoothing were also from Wella and some from Schwarzkopf and therefore I choose Wella shampoos as well for after care as suggested by the stylist at Strands ; them being Wella resist shampoo  and Wella enrich mask . I’m still using these products and they have done wonders to my hair. This is not an ad , but an honest statement from a very happy customer.

I got the treatment done last September in 2017 and I haven’t had a trim because I didn’t get split ends, can you believe that ? The other day I was checking my hair , I couldn’t find one I never knew I could love my hair so much. But I just do now ❤️

See how long they have grown from the time i got them treated and still look as good as freshly trimmed.

The best part is that it did not cost me much too probably because the hair length was short which approximately came out to be INR 5000 i.e 7 USD (wow) and has saved me so much money on blow dries that I would have gotten done if not for this amazing  and life saving smoothing treatment. This is one investment worth making for everyone who has a tough time managing their hair.

One less problem in life.

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