Brewestate, Sector 27, Chandigarh

Brewestate happens to be my go to place whether with family or friends. The ambience is good and so is the music. It is pretty decent to chill there for a couple of hours and catch up whether you’re seated indoors or outdoors. The waiters are cordial and all in all I love the service and etiquette of the place.

Vegatarian Pan Asian Cuisine

Being pretty fond of the asian cuisine this time around we ordered Vegetarian Pan Asian Platter which consisted of dimsums, spring rolls, chilli cheese cottage and stir fried broccoli. All of them were vrey well cooked and tasted damn good.  However, I hoped the quantity was little more because it was so good that a little more wouldn’t have hurt. Stir fried brocolli was something I hadn’t tried before and I loved every bit of it. Next time I’m hoping to try the Non-veg Pan Asian Platter, which I’m sure will be even more fantastic because CHICKEEEEEEN.

Tengra Chillu Chicken

Second we ordered Tengra Chilli Chicken because the chicken lover in me had to draw a bargain with my vegan friend. So Tengra Chilli Chicken has been my go-to order since forever, anyone new that I take to Brew Estate, I order this, knowing full well it would not disapoint me and taste every bit tasty. It is basically a form of dry chilli chicken sautéed with capsicum and onions.

Premium Lager and Mojito

For drinks we ordered a few pints of Premium Lager and couple Mojitos. Premium Lager is again my go to order and favourite beer there. As per the menu it is a German lager known for its full-bodied malty flavour and crisp bitterness. The alcohol content is 5-7%, maltiness is medium to high, palate is medium and flavour is light  caramel flavour, hop bitterness is at low to medium levels. I like it because it falls perfectly with the beer palate that I’m used to which is neither too bitter nor too mild or sweet. I think I don’t have to talk about the Mojitos here because we all know what they are made of and are yummy as hell. 😌💯💃🏻

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