Social, Sector 7, Chandigarh

Social has been quite the buzz in town ever since it opened killing every other pub’s vibe ever since, sorry bros. Having opened it’s outlets at various other big cities of India, now it was time show up in Chandi-land, and I can’t begin to tell you how glad I’m for that.

While stumbling on their website, this is what I found ;

“Social is a space that blends the best of the office and the cafรฉ. Combining work and play, itโ€™s an urban hangout designed to take you offline while still keeping you connected. Social is a collaborative workspace, a hub for artists and innovators.”

From ambience to food and drinks , everything is a mix of contemporary and desi. This is definitely my friends and my new favourite spot these days. Its got kickass music , the food and drinks are not only tasty but served well with enormous portions. What more do you want ?

The cocktails at Social are my favourite and no matter how much I try to stick to vodka soda or diet gin tonic so save some calories, I always get swayed away. So here I go ,ย  reviewing the cocktails first ; followed by main course and dessert.

(From L-R ) Acharoska, Social Screw Driver, Cosmo-Explosion
Trip on the Drip
Social Keema Spaghetti
Chocolate Blood Bath
  1. Acharoska : Caprioska in a pickle + Smirnoff Vodka + Fresh Mint + Sweet & Sour Mix + Lime Wedges and Indian Lime Pickle. For the concept of this drink I’d give them 100/100 but it was a tad bit too spicy and pungent for my taste , however quite refreshing. Reminded me of the Indian Jal-Jeera.
  2. Cosmo Explosion : Smirnoff + Cranberry Juice + Triple Sec + Malta Orange Zest and Candy Floss. Oh I absolutely loved this one , it was a basic cosmopolitan but served differently. There was candy floss placed in the glass and then the cosmopolitan concoction was poured over it.
  3. Social Screw Driver : Smirnoff + Orange Juice + Orange Bitter + Pomegranate + Sweet and Sour Mix. This one had a real screwdriver in it , Social has taken things too literally ๐Ÿ˜‚ but I loved it. The taste was to the T.
  4. Trip on the Drip : Smirnoff + Schnapps + Orange Juice + Cranberry Juice. This one is by far my favourite cocktail at Social , it’s bitter-sweet and fruity , just the way I like it and again on being literal this drink was served in a drip bag resembling the one you get injected in at hospitals, yeah that’s right.
  5. Social Keema Spaghetti : Spaghetti that was mixed with minced keema masala , it was extremely spicy hence I loved it. It was cookedย  and spiced really well. AND Sipping the cocktails in between was quite helpful.
  6. Chocolate Blood Bath : Chocolate Cake + Chocolate Brownie + Chocolate Truffle + Gooey Chocolate Fudge + Chocolate Ice Cream + Chocolate Mousse. This one is going to take away all your blues away. Chocolate this and chocolate that. Every ingredient in this dish revolved around chocolate,ย  you can sure imagine how tasty this must have been. One can skip everything at Social but you dare not skip this one.ย  Reiterating once more about taking things literally, this one was served in a mini bath tub’s replica. Full points for such innovative ideas Social. Well done.

As always my experience at Social was super fun or like we call it these days LIT. Also, since this place is one of a kind and carries with itself a chill vibe that’s hard to find at other pubs in the city, I’d keep going back for more.

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