My 48 hour social media detox

Social media forms a major part of my life. From the time that I wake to getting dressed to go to work and after coming back and  falling back to sleep, I check my Instagram at least every five minutes approximately. This had to stop.

If I’m out having a meal, I have to post that on Instagram or if I’m out with my friends, I have to post a selfie with them or if I find a cool meme , I have to share it . Meaning whereby I spend too much time on social media and therefore I desperately needed a social media detox.

My Instagram usage is beyond comparison

If I show you my battery usage, you’d understand why I said all the above. Almost half of it is being used by Instagram. I have been noticing myself opening Instagram after every minute just to see if I have any likes/comments on my posts or respond to any text messages or simply scroll through it mindlessly in search for funny memes to share. Well, that had been getting too much and I was seemingly being overly comparative towards all these instagrammers whom we call influencers these days for their enviable posts which was basically drilling a hole inside my gut because I’m still trying to gain my foot on Instagram as a blogger and that space is pretty intimidating at times; hence the detox.

On saturday I decided I had to put a pause on this on going Instagram rampage, I’m not necessarily including Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook into this because I don’t use those apps very much but for some users they make the corner stones of social media, so social media to one’s own usage can be very subjective. When the idea to detox to came to my mind I considered taking a break for week but then I thought to myself that , that was pretty intense considering I took a forty day leave from social media when I was going through a rather rough patch in my life ( that I will leave for some other day). 48 hours is what I got hooked onto, the detox included logging out of all my social apps whether I use them or not and I kept it a secret from all my friends HAHA for fun !

Okay so the first 24 hours of the detox on sunday were quite peaceful. I took time to be in the nature, JK I was on my bed reading mostly. I didn’t feel the incessant need to check my phone again and again primarily because I got no notification nor did I know what was going on in the world. I was at home the entire day either  in bed or reading something or doing some daily chores or watch TV or chilling with my mom; things that I didn’t do on the regular because I’m overly consumed by my friend calledIinstagram. In the evening I saw a missed call from my friend followed by a Whatsapp message asking if I was okay because we generally talk on Instagram while sharing memes and that day I was missing. So I told him about my detox, of course we had a good laugh about it.


My shopping look, the one I couldn’t OOTD on Instagram 😦

The following day i.e on monday mom and I had shopping plans because there are sales all over the place and I decided to take a day off from work as weekdays in malls are less crowded and more peaceful , some priorities there. I got dressed and headed out , we bought a few things and the entire time I was so disinterested and had a looming desire to head back home though I was trying to understand why because shopping and eating out is one of my favourite things and it came as a shock to even my mom when I told her that I wanted to get done with shopping soon with and head back. We ate out, sadly I couldn’t post my food online too and so the day ended.

That’s how I looked without social media on the second day while shopping

Once I completed 48 hours yesterday, I logged into Instagram and Snapchat post breakfast only to find so many notification which I won’t lie made me very happy. Friends that I regularly share stuff with had so many things to say and there were others who has commented on my Instagram stories which I couldn’t see since post 24 hours one cannot, and yesterday the entire day was pretty okay and I was way less moody as compared to Monday.

This entire detox exercise made me realise that maybe the idea of sharing memes or moments with my friends makes me happy or sharing my own life through pictures does the trick. Knowing that there are some people who always appreciate you no matter what and that leaves you feeling good which we forget to realise after a point of time because it becomes routinely exchange. However, when the same was missing for a bit in my life if only for 48 hours I felt the need for it , I wanted to share my OOTD when I got dressed for shopping and my food post when we were eating out but couldn’t. Even though the first day was pretty peaceful LOL so  won’t forget to log out once in a while but never for too long. I just seemed to have lost connect, maybe that is just a single child complaining for the want of company.

A detoxing experience that was peaceful and derailing at the same time and the one that made me understand  my relationship with social media.


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