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Anyone who says wearing and carrying a saree is easy is downright lying. I have had a few situations wherein I wore a saree and I can tell you it ain’t that easy. One might think “why wear it then” because of the way it makes you look. People who are born with a huge hip like me very well understand how a saree draped on it makes it look, ethereal is the word. Makes your body look proportional and makes you feel happy about your big hips for once.

First ever saree that I purchased was from Satya Paul for my college farewell (below ). Silk Georgette fabric wise and printed like a splash of colours on a turquoise base. The Blouse piece that it came with was peacock green. The day I actually got it , I draped at least 10-15 sarees , only to finally pick this one out of the lot and I’m not regretting my decision one bit. It was really difficult to find a decent saree in my city , maybe because not many people these days wear one or maybe find it cumbersome. Luckily having Satya Paul here saved my life. And this is the best time to tell you that mother has a trunk full of sarees LOL , though I could have worn one of hers but the stubborn child in me wanted a new one.


When I wore this saree for the second time for my cousin’s engagement party , I choose to change the blouse, colour and cut wise. This time I choose a silk fabric , got that dyed in the same base colour like that of the saree and got it stitched sleeveless. The moment I wore it this time around , the saree had a completely different look to it and honestly I liked it better now. As a result of which I couldn’t get over myself and clicked ton of selfies 😂


For those who think that a saree can only be worn with the blouse that you  first designated it with, think again. You should be happy to repeat your sarees by pairing them with different blouses stitched in different style or dyed in contrasting or matching colours. Each time you change the blouse  , you’ll have a brand new outfit for yourself.

I hope you wear a saree soon and are not afraid to repeat it 😉

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  1. You look amazing! I love to wear saris but I have a hard time and I fear it will open up lol but they look amazing!!! I always think of the ladies who wear sarees while doing house work!!! I could never pull that off!


    1. Hahahaha me too Sania. I can totally relate to you here. But you should give it a try , I’m sure you’ll look amazing. I know it’ll be hard to carry it around Lol telling you from my experience, however you’ll love the way it’ll make you feel ❤️ I think the more often we wear them the better we’ll get and maybe start doing home chores in it too 😂 just a thought


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